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Banks go after promoter trusts of firms having stressed loans

The Times of India 15 May 2021
This comes at a time when several promoters have started creating asset protection trusts where they are parking some of their assets which cannot be touched by any bank or investigating agency in case of a default ... In the past year or so, many promoters have created asset protection trusts, where all the wealth is held by the trust.

On Sanwo-Olu’s poverty alleviation initiatives

Business Day Online 15 May 2021
Our interventions in education creating impacts- Sanwo-Olu ... It comprises access to quick and affordable loans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to start up, build, expand and create wealth and employment for the residents ... to take the issue of wealth creation lightly.

Legal-Ease: Beanie Babies and cryptocurrency

Lima Ohio 15 May 2021
Beanie Babies create no wealth on their own (Beanie Babies are not factories or research centers) ... Cryptocurrency and those who create cryptocurrency produce nothing other than the cryptocurrency ... For many types of cryptocurrency, people with computers and certain software can create/issue the currency.

Harrisburg mayoral candidates take readers’ questions: How to address concentrated poverty in the city?

Penn Live 15 May 2021
Covid has only exacerbated the racial wealth gap in Harrisburg, but working together to deploy these new resources, we can create an income floor for our residents. A second priority for the next four years is to continue my work to create more affordable housing options in Harrisburg.

Don't kill us like you don’t kill them

The Polk County Standard Journal 15 May 2021
Several weeks ago, I was speaking with some Black youths and the following is a general summary of my conversation with them. “Mrs ... “All you have to do is watch and listen ... We get shot if we stand and shot if we run ... As the laws were being written, most of the Founding Fathers had slaves who were used to help create wealth for the plantation owners.

Getting the most from your trip to the garden center

Bemidji Pioneer 15 May 2021
Did you hear about the flowers who went on a date? It’s a budding romance ... If your only garden center visits are at national chains, I encourage you to explore locally owned garden centers, which offer a rich experience and a wealth of material well-suited to the region.Before you go, make a plan and create a list ... .

Life cover – is it part of your financial plan?

Independent online (SA) 14 May 2021
By Palesa Tlholoe ... Starting a business is one of the main wealth-creation strategies, but it’s not easy ... If you do not manage to nurture your business through that bumpy first stage, life insurance becomes an accessible tool to create and transfer wealth to the next generation ... Palesa Tlholoe is the Co-Founder and a Wealth Manager at Imvelo Wealth.

Faith-based investing becoming easier

Finance & Commerce 14 May 2021
The Islamic faith prohibits earning interest, but the organization has created a way for companies to borrow money to expand their operations ... But being in the tech industry and because our compensation is so tied to the stock market, it certainly heightened my awareness of creating wealth and managing your wealth.”.

Was Bitcoin Crash Orchestrated? This 4 Theories Scream Beware

NewsBTC 14 May 2021
O’Neill claims these entities feel they “missed out” on the early days of cryptocurrencies and BTC ... The new wealth created by BTC could be a threat against the establishment. O’Neill said. ... Government will be used to strong arm & scam retail in order to advantage institutions & prevent retail from creating serious wealth.

Controlling monopolies is a bipartisan issue that benefits all Americans | Opinion

Penn Live 14 May 2021
People of the same trade seldom meet together that the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public or some contrivance to raise prices.” This sentence from the 18 century moral philosopher and father of capitalism Adam Smith in his 1776 book, “The Wealth of Nations,” suggests his apprehension about monopolies.

Jack Skipp on Why Taking A Risk Is the Way to True Success

B & FT Online 14 May 2021
A commercial pilot by education, Jack Skipp shares an ardent spirit for financing and wealth creation. He spends much of his time creating educational videos on Youtube to help interested investors take a deep dive into the world of investing ... wealth for the short and long term.

WKND: Meet UAE's first crypto artist to sell her work as NFT

Khaleej Times 14 May 2021
The First 5000 Days, created by Beeple, also known as Beeple Crap - a renowned digital artist ... A graphic designer by profession, Gigi has over 12 years of experience, making digital graphics for a wealth of organisations in the corporate sector ... There's a predominant fear that NFTs may create a sort of 'art bubble', leading to creative destruction.

Fragmented life

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 14 May 2021
"I think the difficulty is this fragmentation .. ... Therefore, people cannot see that they are creating a problem and then apparently trying to solve it ... The disparities of wealth created by past and present discrimination makes it difficult for communities of color to make the transition to renewable energies or regenerate damaged environments ... .

How To Invest With a Robo-Advisor

Lincoln Journal Star 14 May 2021
These services are included in the advisory fee you pay and include dedicated financial advisors to create personalized plans and customize your wealth management.Goal-based accounts ... The more complex your finances, the more likely it is that you need an actual dedicated financial advisor or wealth planning team to help you stay on top of things.

Middle-class pay lost pace. Is Washington to blame?

Finance & Commerce 14 May 2021
Editor’s note. Business content from The New York Times will now be included with your subscription to Finance & Commerce ... The idea is that setting pay amounts to dividing the wealth that workers and employers create together. Workers can claim more of this wealth when institutions like unions give them leverage ... It’s willing to risk overheating.”.